Kildare and Wicklow ETB Newsletter Issue 9 Inclusion - Page 13

One teacher also presented an insight into integration of art, words and i-Books with a SEN student. (see photo below). Teachers in this adult education centre were required to be educated to Masters degree level under new government requirements.

City College Norwich - England

This college provides integrated and discrete supports for students with Special Education Needs. Support functions are placed at the heart of the college’s operation, Including a Curriculum Service Structure and The Rug room, which supports students with ASD. There are also specialist courses for young people with Special Education Needs, which provide horticultural training, including growing, designing marketing, packaging and selling the produce, providing vegetable bags to students and staff of the college to order. The programme, like many other programmes in the college is aligned with the vision to encourage entrepreneurship.


Members of the KWETB team who visited these partners, observed that, in all three locations, there was a clear sense of a coherent mission and values which was lived by both staff and students. The Finnish and English colleges were large establishments, which catered for 23,000 and 10,000 learners respectively, both dispersed across a number of sites. Partnership, teamwork and communications contributed to the realisation of strategic objectives and teachers and students clearly articulated the vision of all three education institutions.

Presenting iBooks for Special Needs Students - Arendal Voksopplaering