Kildare and Wicklow ETB Newsletter Issue 8 - Page 23

A bank of teaching resources is currently being compiled across all subject areas in our schools and teachers were invited to contribute sample lesson plans as follow-on from the KWETB Learning and Teaching Week last November. Sharing subject specific resources between schools encourages innovation in teaching methodologies. Teachers can sign up here.

Principals have been invited to give a report on the progress made during KWETB Learning and Teaching Week in each school and this report may well inform the plan for the development of Instructional Leadership in our schools in the future.

We are moving towards embedding Instructional Leadership across KWETB where it becomes part of our calendar, part of a collaborative process, where whole school strategies are developed around the Instructional Leadership process. It has every chance of success as it is a practice based model of continuous professional development. It provides a safe learning environment for teachers. It encourages leadership and empowers change. It prompts us to review the culture of learning in our schools. We have a strong network to support our efforts.

A good example of a professional learning community at work!

Student Enterprise Awards

Wicklow Enterprise Board

Congratulations to Colleen Brohan (Jaconi Crafts) who won the intermediate section and goes forward to the national finals in Croke Park next month. As well as her great products, which attracted a lot of interest, her presentation was excellent, especially given her young age and the fact that her audience was much older than her.

Congratulations also to CCM pupils Alisha Byrne, Dara Bushe and Shade Adaraloye (Garden of Ireland) on their win for best display. Their products and display looked stunning.