Kildare and Wicklow ETB Newsletter Issue 11, PARTNERSHIPS - Page 22

Partnership in Action: Bray Adult Education Network: Education and Recovery

Bray Adult Education Network was founded in 2002 and network members represent the various education and information providers both in the community and in the formal adult education sector in Bray. The Network meets up to 6 times a year and provides a forum for partnership, information sharing and collaboration. The Network members work together to hold open days, workshops and conferences. The Network also hosts a website to provide up to date information on relevant courses, programmes and events. The Network was chaired by Catherine Greene from KWETB Adult Guidance Service in 2016 and is currently chaired by Niamh Maguire from KWETB ABE Service.

In early 2016 Network members identified a need for additional research and policy development in the area of adult education and recovery. The members formed a sub-group made up of representatives from Bray Area Partnership (BAP), KWETB and National Learning Network (NLN).

A representative from Wicklow Mental Health Service joined the group and together they scoped out a proposal for a research project. April 2017 saw the launch of the research report on the educational and support needs of mental health service users accessing adult education services. Education and Recovery: Achieving Positive Outcomes in Education for Adults with Mental Health Difficulties was written by Dr Margaret Crean.

The research was commissioned by the Bray Adult Education Network as a response to the needs and challenges presenting in adult education services in the Bray area. Funding from NLN, KWETB and BAP made it possible to produce the report. Education providers and many service users also gave valuable contributions to this research.