Kildare and Wicklow ETB Newsletter Issue 11, PARTNERSHIPS - Page 20

The Art class in Shelton Abbey embarked on a two week long stone sculpting project in May. The project was a partnership between the Arts Council and the Irish Prison Service and was facilitated through the Artist-In-Prison programme.

A visiting artist , Aileen-Ann Brannigan, helped facilitate the creation of an eye-catching installation fashioned around the theme of the Avoca River & the famous song “The Meeting of the Waters”. Six students were involved under the watchful eyes of the Art teacher Pearl & Aileen-Ann.

The project was conceived and designed in the Art Room and moved to the Art Shed when the heavy work began.

The students used cubes of limestone to produce the art installation which has found a permanent home in the courtyard here at Shelton. Smaller stone slabs were used for individual practice & allowed each student create a unique piece of personalised Art which was retained after the project was completed.

Two limestone cubes with carving or lettering on their sides and top were designed and carved by the participants.

Some of the carvings were highlighted by painting or applying gold and silver leaf to the carved lettering.

All participants enjoyed the project immensely and were delighted to see their work on display.