Kildare and Wicklow ETB Newsletter Issue 11, PARTNERSHIPS - Page 11


In my school days there were lessons

I should have learned to understand

Had I paid more attention

I would have had the tools

To make better work plans

Often I would reminisce

About what I missed at school

If I hadn’t left so young

I could have reached my goals

When maturity came I was at a loss

Not knowing my next move

Then suddenly it dawned on me

There’s an ETB in town

So I called in without delay

To find a course to suit my needs

This set me on the way

To fulfil a favourite goal

Added more to who I am

And gave me confidence I’d succeed

Do you feel like I once did?

Thinking I simply can’t go back

Learning days have passed me by

Don’t listen to those kind of thoughts

Until you give the ETB a try

Find a goal that makes you grow

And a course to get you there

Your personal bar will soar

As you add to more who you are

Oh and always keep in mind

No one’s ever too old

To learn something new

Johnny Carroll - 9 September 2017

Read by Johnny at the Grand Finale of Literacy Awareness Week

on 15th September 2017.

Pictured are: Annette Mangan Literacy Organiser KWETB Adult Basic Education Services West Wicklow with Johnny Carroll

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