Kildare and Wicklow ETB Newsletter Issue 10 Learn, Work, Live - Page 37

Students now also have the opportunity to learn some new skills for their own enjoyment. Wednesday afternoons in the centre have been taken over by music, sport, a projects group, hair & beauty and pyrography and students can try something new every 6 weeks or indeed work for the year on perfecting a new skill.

Our guitar students have now been learning guitar with their teacher Sean from Music Generation since September and are thoroughly enjoying the experience. Sport has also been a popular choice with a group trying out everything from training in the gym to soccer with fantastic support from the Sports Promotion Unit. Most recently the group have been trying out boxing with St. Teresa’s Boxing Club, which has been a great hit! Our projects group have been doing everything from art projects to cookery demos. Pyrography remains consistently popular, with our students turning out some beautiful pieces of work and if you’re looking for beauty tips in general, we now have over 20 students who have learned loads in their hair & beauty sessions!

Watch this space for even more changes in the future!

Pictured mid prep are the Kitchen Skills Group (left to right): (back row) Chelsea Wakefield, Chelsea Kane, Tara Murray (teacher); (front row) Lauren Smyth, Jenni Wade, Kirsty Moloney.