KICA Annual Reports 2017 - Page 12

Installations Begin for Refreshed Island Signage Program

In 2016 , the first phase of installation for Kiawah ’ s new island signage was completed , bringing new menu boards , street and regulatory signs , boardwalk markers and district ( i . e . neighborhood ) ID signs to select areas on the island . The signage is the result of an extensive review and replacement project that began in 2013 .
The new designs help to further revitalize the island ’ s aging infrastructure , while also improving wayfinding capabilities and decreasing ongoing maintenance costs .
In a community the size of Kiawah Island , effective signage is extremely important . It not only functions as a way for property owners , visitors and guests to navigate unfamiliar surroundings , but is also vital in continuing and strengthening the community ’ s brand . Though Kiawah Island ’ s current system set the standard for community signage when it was implemented , after over 30 years in operation , it was beginning to show its age .
Appearance wasn ’ t the only reason for updating . The finishes on the old signs are difficult and expensive to maintain . Also , a review of the existing signage showed that its wayfinding capabilities were outdated and often confusing to guests and visitors .
In 2013 , the KICA board approved a three-step process for reviewing and updating Kiawah ’ s signage system : analysis of the existing system , conceptual planning for a new system and final design . The process was overseen by a steering committee comprised of representatives from KICA , the ARB , the Town of Kiawah Island , the developer and the resort .
After a lengthy process , design prototypes were approved , and the first phase of installation began in early 2016 . Installation will be completed in phases over a period of years .
“ We ’ re excited to finally begin rolling out these new designs ,” said KICA COO Jimmy Bailey when installation began in January 2016 . “ It has been a long process to get this point , but we believe it has been worth the wait .”
The next phase of signage installation is set to begin in early 2017 . As the signage replacement process moves forward , updates will be communicated by the Kiawah Island Digest ,
the KICA website ( kica . us ) and KICA ’ s weekly e-news .