KICA Annual Reports 2015 - Page 12

11 Year in Review - The Big Picture Livability Shows Growth, Progress During 2014 Team Focuses on Preserving Kiawah’s Quality of Life The KICA Livability Department was officially launched in the summer of 2013 with the goal of preserving and enhancing Kiawah’s quality of life. The department is led by Livability Supervisor Ed Monahan and consists of three full-time employees covering encroachment, covenant compliance and safety. Since the department began it has taken some large steps forward, including: • Technology Upgrades – Began using a new software solution called Citizenserve. The system is linked to KICA’s member database and allows the team to share information, track activity and violations, and maintain a record of all documents. All features can be accessed in real-time from the office or while out in the field. The department now also has the ability to email inspection letters, which better serves contractors. • Collaboration with ARB and Town – Livability began sharing information with the ARB through the Citizenserve software. This allowed for violations involving both organizations to be communicated and resolved more quickly and efficiently. Lines of communication with the Town of Kiawah Island have improved as well. This helps with permitting and code enforcement. • Overall Positives – Having a single department devoted to the three areas covered by Livability has made it easier for members, contractors, rental agents and others to easily communicate with the department and more rapidly resolve issues. The departmental structure also allows for at least one of the staff members to be physically present in the office during operating hours to assist members and contractors. The Livability Department continues to work on strengthening relationships with rental agencies, educating contractors and island visitors, and improving upon communications among island organizations, to assure the Kiawah brand and members’ quality of life. Pictured Below, Left to Right: Safety Coordinator Emily Simpson, Covenant Compliance Advisor Dana Muckelvaney, ARB Compliance Coordinator and Liaison to KICA Laura Philpott, and Livability Supervisor Ed Monahan.