KICA Annual Reports 2014 - Page 9

8 Year in Review - The Big Picture An Evaluation of KICA Amenities Survey Results from 1,619 Members Provide the Framework for the Future of KICA Amenities In 2011-12, the Amenities and Services Task Force studied the adequacy of KICA’s amenities, present and future and compiled a report for the board of directors. The board sought to ensure that every KICA member had a voice in addressing amenities needs, so a survey was distributed to the membership in June 2013. 1,619 surveys were returned from a diverse spectrum of island property owners, a sufficient response to ensure statistically valid results. The responses concluded that the overall satisfaction with KICA amenities is only average compared to the satisfaction level in other highend gated communities. Responses indicate a significant interest in continuing/improving all manner of facilities and other amenities, and are in agreement about the priorities. Improving the Sandcastle facility is one of the highest priorities. KICA members are generally satisfied with the overall look and feel of the facility, but less so with the space available specifically for children or adults, recreation, pool restrooms, pool furniture availability, lap swimming and the amount of shade. They are also less satisfied with the weight/cardio room, the exercise room, the shower facility, the number of banquet/meeting rooms and noise control. Other notable member priorities include a spa and physical therapy facility, canoe and kayak storage, a performing arts center and a dog park. Members are in agreement that KICA amenities significantly impact property values and support for funding new amenities, or the enhancement of present amenities, is strong. These survey results have prompted some small-scale immediate actions, such as increasing the budget for the upkeep of leisure trails in 2014 due a large percentage of members who indicated that leisure trails are very important to them, and will also guide long-term actions by the association. A planning committee has been appointed to work with KICA’s amenities consultant, the McMahon Group, to develop a master facility plan. The full survey response summary, compiled by the McMaho