KICA Annual Reports 2014 - Page 8

7 Year in Review - 2013 at a Glance Most Significant Kiawah Island News of 2013 (According to number of clicks from KICA Weekly Update emails) • Kiawah Partners’ Transfer of Ownership • Captain Sam’s Decision Announced • Conde Nast Traveler Names Kiawah as the Number Four Island in the World • A New Inn Breaks Ground at Freshfields Village • Town Annexation of Freshfields Moves into Final Stages For more Kiawah Island news and updates, visit or follow KICA on Facebook and Twitter. Most Popular Social Media Posts of 2013 2013 was a big year for KICA’s social media accounts. Over 2,000 people now follow KICA on Twitter (@Kiawah_Island), a 56% increase over 2012, and over 1,300 have connected with KICA on Facebook (@kiawahislandsc). While the KICA Instagram account (@kiawahislandsc) is fairly new, and still growing, it has gained over 600 followers and had over 120 posts in 2013. Below are the three most popular posts from each account in 2013. Twitter - @Kiawah_Island @Kiawah_Island: Awesome pic snapped by Kiawah Security Officer Kent Bold. Talk about keeping your friends close and enemies closer... @Kiawah_Island: Not a bad view from the Sandcastle deck today. Guess this weather is ok... #kiawah #paradise @Kiawah_Island: Doesn’t really caption, does it? #kiawah #paradise need a Facebook - @KiawahIslandSC @KiawahIslandSC: Fall colors on #Kiawah. @KiawahIslandSC: No better way to start the day than this... #kiawah #paradise @KiawahIslandSC: Conde Nast Traveler just named Kiawah Island as the NUMBER FOUR ISLAND IN THE WORLD! Instagram - @KiawahIslandSC @KiawahIslandSC: Moon rising over the marsh. #kiawah @KiawahIslandSC: So, yeah. Kinda nice outside today. #kiawah #paradise @KiawahIslandSC: #Kiawah Turtle Patrol snapped this pic this morning of a baby sea turtle heading to the ocean! #turtlepower