KICA Annual Reports 2014 - Page 12

11 Year in Review - The Big Picture New Livability Department Team of Three Focus on Preserving Kiawah’s Quality of Life There are many things that make Kiawah special. Pristine beaches, diverse wildlife and natural beauty bring people from all around the world to the island, but what makes them stay is Kiawah’s quality of life. Preserving and enhancing this aspect of the island is the main goal of KICA’s recently formed (in June 2013) Livability Department. The Livability Department brings together the talent and functions of KICA’s Encroachment, Covenant Compliance and Safety staff members, and serves to maintain Kiawah’s brand and quality of life through educating and supporting adherence to KICA’s covenants and rules. Most importantly, a staff member is always available for member consultation on weekdays during office hours. The department is located at the KICA Administration offices (23 Beachwalker Drive). Livability works closely with all KICA departments, the town and the ARB to build a national model for livability. Livability Department Supervisor Ed Monahan has been appointed to the ARB as a full voting member and is working closely with them to enhance communication between the ARB and KICA by providing a bridge on issues that relate to both entities so that solutions can be developed more efficiently and effectively to benefit Kiawah property owners. Continuing the Kiawah Brand Through Island Signage A Multi-Year Plan to Update Island Signs In a community the size of Kiawah Island, having effective signage is extremely important. It not only serves a function as a way for property owners, visitors and guests to navigate unfamiliar surroundings, but is also vital in continuing and strengthening the community’s brand. Though Kiawah Island’s current system set the standard for community signage when it was implemented, after over 30 years in operation, it is beginning to show its age. In 2013, the KICA board approved a 3-step process for reviewing and updating Kiawah’s signage system, including the analysis of the current system, conceptual planning for a new system and final design. The process, performed by Rodger Motiska Design at a net cost of $24,000, has been overseen by a steering committee comprised of representatives from KICA, the ARB, the developer, the resort and the town. The “look” of the signs isn’t the only reason for their replacement. The current finishes are difficult and expensive to maintain. Research has determined that the graphics and placement of KICA leisure trail signs are outdated and there is not enough differentiation between island sign types, like neighborhood signs versus amenity signs. The first two steps of the signage system process have been completed and final sign designs will be developed in early 2014. It is envisioned that any roll out of new signage will be phased over a period of years.