KICA Annual Reports 2013 - Page 9

9 Year in Review - The Big Picture Forming Community Relationships Through Kiawah Cares In July, KICA launched the Kiawah Cares (KC) community partnership program to link Kiawah members with neighboring Johns and Wadmalaw island organizations in need of support. The primary goal of KC is to create community partnerships, build relationships, and work towards improving the overall quality of life on the sea islands. As a collective group, KICA members have a tremendous amount to offer to the local community. KC provides the stage from which Kiawah members can reach out and join our neighbors in the betterment of the greater community. In the short time since launch, the program has reached many islanders in need. KICA members have offered their support through volunteering at KC sponsored events, and numerous community partnerships have been formed. Lasting relationships have been forged. KC has been fortunate to partner with wonderful Johns and Wadmalaw island organizations such as Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach, Habitat for Humanity, Respite Care Charleston, Trident United Way, the Wadmalaw Island Community Center, our local farming programs, and more. There is still great need on the sea islands. Many seniors, especially in the most rural areas, do not have basic needs like working appliances or adequate sleeping arrangements. Children may struggle with learning because they are hungry. Through the generosity of our members, KC has assisted with food delivery and shared donations of warm clothing and household appliances and furnishings for the most vulnerable in the community. The program has been met with enthusiasm and gratitude from the nonprofit community, and with zeal and commitment from our members. Next steps include growing the KC core group of team leaders, inviting partnership from sea island businesses, coordinating monthly meetings of the non-profits so they may share information and resources, and building the KICA Resource Directory, which will be used only by senior staff when advice is needed in certain areas. KICA members will have the opportunity to offer support through volunteering (commitments range from single events, to becoming regular KC Team Leaders), participating in fundraising events, making donations, or serving as advisors. Learn more about KC, share your background with us, and view upcoming partnerships and volunteer opportunities at (Inside KICA/Kiawah Cares). By the numbers: • 31 Wadmalaw and Johns Island Organizations and Non-profits Partnered with KC. • 165 Volunteers: KC volunteers have donated over 633 hours of volunteer time. Thank you to all of KICA members who have volunteered with our new program! Our partners also thank you for the difference you’ve all made in our neighboring communities. • 4,000+ Johns and Wadmalaw Island Residents Supported.