KICA Annual Reports 2013 - Page 8

8 Year in Review - The Big Picture The KICA Board of Directors, committees and staff pursued several very ambitious initiatives during the year, including opportunities for projects and activities that are mutually beneficial to KICA’s members and to all island leadership organizations (town, resort, developer, association). Projects were developed based on property values, commonality, services and outreach, and included the following: Improving Amenities and Services One of the board’s most important responsibilities is to help assure that Kiawah remains a desirable community with stable or growing property values. That requires the community association to maintain and invest in its properties and the community as a whole. The board recognizes that amenities are one of the most significant investments any community association makes. Accordingly, a year and a half ago the KICA Board of Directors established an Amenities and Services Task Force (ASTF) as a part of its strategic plan. The task force, led by Chair Jim Williams (former board chair) and co-chaired by Director Sue Schaffer, was comprised of 12 members who represented a cross section of KICA members with a broad range of backgrounds and interests. The final ASTF report represented 15 months of work in a 35-page analysis plus supporting documents. It describes Kiawah’s present recreational offerings, compares these to 14 similar communities, analyzes funding options for enhancing amenities, and describes a process by which KICA can proceed if the board so chooses. Comparison communities were identified by those with similar attributes to Kiawah. Time was spent understanding what amenities they offered, if and/or when their amenities had been updated, and how