KICA Annual Reports 2013 - Page 6

6 Nominator and Seconder - Larry Kreyling Nominator - Joan Avioli From the day he was elected captain of his high school football team, through his time in the Second Armored Division of the U.S. Army, his decades as a key administrator in public education to his years in business as a special projects coordinator/human resources representative for Dierbergs Family Markets, Larry Kreyling has been a leader in all his endeavors. I have known Larry for over 30 years starting with my entry into the English Department of McCluer North High School in North St. Louis County. Larry had risen rapidly in the district from teacher to assistant principal and eventually to principal of a school with an enrollment of 2,000 students. The school for which he was responsible was newly designed and constructed as the Ferguson/Florissant district became the first to be court-ordered desegregated in the state of Missouri. The challenges were many and required steady leadership, attention to detail, a talent for delegating responsibilities wisely, and firm courage. Larry met all challenges. On his watch, McCluer Nor Ѡ