KICA Annual Reports 2013 - Page 4

4 Candidate Bio - Larry Kreyling Candidate Bio • Family - Wife, Shirley Kreyling, and three adult children. • History of Kiawah Property Ownership - Bought property in 1995; built current home in 2004. • Full-time/Part-time Resident - Full-time resident for eight years. • Hobbies - Fishing, golf, biking, roller skating, model trains (0 gauge). Career Highlights Statement of Focus Kiawah Island continues to be acclaimed as one of the most beautiful residential communities on the entire eastern seaboard. Its uniqueness is unparalleled, with over 10 miles of beach, a habitat for a variety of plants and wildlife, a beautiful resort, and an abundance of recreational opportunities for all ages. This is what attracted our family to Kiawah, and this is why we stayed. However, as build-out continues and population density increases, we face critical decisions on how to replace our aging infrastructure. Projects such as revitalization of the West Beach area, renourishment for our beaches, road and bridge repair, and drainage issues, among others, become urgent needs rather than wants. KICA has a responsibility as stewards, to maintain, improve and protect this “special place” for current inhabitants and generations to come. Prioritizing work to be done requires due diligence, sound financial management, a clear definition of roles and responsibilities, and a clear set of expectations on the part of all parties involved as we move from a planning phase into an implementation phase. My background as the principal of a large suburban public high school has provided me with 20 years of valuable experience in a not-forprofit enterprise. My responsibilities as an academic leader also required my management skills to maintain a complex three story plant, 40 acres of adjacent facilities, and to sustain an environment that was conducive to learning. After retiring from a career in education, I joined the for-profit business community. For the next seven years, I worked in the Human Resources Department of Dierbergs Markets as their special projects coordinator. This second career in the business field gave me instant credibility with both organizational groups and led to the development of three regional school/business partnerships. Higherlevel corporate and school officials, who had never attempted to gain access to each other’s domain, were now meeting and working in concert to identify and develop the skills high school and college graduates need to compete for jobs in the work place. A majority of our members are not full-time residents. They rely heavily on the KICA board and staff to make informed decisions that protect their property values. I would like to maintain a balance on the board by adding a full-time resident who sees the needs of the island on a daily basis, and can work with the staff to correct issues in a timely manner. After eight years of benefiting from the efforts of former board members, I now feel a responsibility to give back. For that reason, I am offering my time and talents for your approval. • Thirty years service Ferguson-Florissant School District. • Ten years as industrial education instructor. • Ten years as assistant principal. • Ten years as principal of McCluer North High School. • Successful implementation of court ordered desegregation (1975). • Member/team leader Rotary Club Group Study Exchange (Scotland). • Gold Star/Blue Ribbon School awarded by U.S. Department of Education. • “Best High School in Missouri” awarded by Redbook Magazine 1994. • Charter member of St. Louis Principals’ Academy. • Special projects coordinator/human resources representative Dierbergs Family Markets 1995-2004. Education • Degree(s) - Bachelor of Science, Master of Science plus 40 credits • Major(s) - Industrial Education, Secondary School Administration • School(s) - University of Wisconsin-Stout, SE Missouri State U. • Certificates/Awards - Business Person of the Year 1997 (North County School Business Partnership) Military Background • U.S. Army (18 months service - Early Out Program to return to teaching). • Appointed Training Senior Drill Instructor on first day of boot camp. • Passed the E-5 Board in 18 months. • 2nd Armored Divis