KICA Annual Reports 2013 - Page 14

14 Year in Review - Highlights KICA Finances $1.387 Million Income from CTRs The budget for Contributions for Reserves (a 0.5% fee paid by purchasers on real estate transactions) in 2012 was $1 million. Yet, due to higher than expected real estate sales, KICA received $387,000 more income than was budgeted. $2.5 Million Line of Credit The board unanimously approved a $2.5 million line of credit for the purpose of funding emergency repairs following a named storm. Advance planning for a disaster is critical. In the event of a major storm, it is imperative that KICA has immediate access to funds for repairs and cleanup. KICA Security 1,816,931 Vehicles Passed Through the Main Gate (Does not include PGA attendees) KICA’s Security Department had an extremely big year managing the almost 2 million vehicles through the main gate and 980,545 through the Vanderhorst Gate (V-gate), in addition to the considerable time spent planning for the PGA and working out logistics. To manage all of this traffic KICA installed new gate software in 2012, CapSure, which closely monitors traffic and island access for a more secure community. This software will be fully implemented in 2013. KICA Recreation 16,747 Visits to the Pool The Sandcastle pool, open daily, had a very busy year due to recreational use, aqua aerobics and swimming lessons. 85% of Waste at Celebrate Kiawah was Recycled or Composted At the Sandcastle’s annual springtime soiree for the membership, over 450 members, guests and children socialized with neighbors, swayed to the music, and indulged in drinks and hors d’oeuvres. 14 Different Types of Fitness Classes Offered The Sandcastle saw a jump in fitness class participation this year as the association added three new classes. 1 New Amenity Cinder Creek Kayak Access: In June, KICA’s Major Repairs and Replacements Department installed an extension to the current dock at Cinder Creek, which features a gentle ramp into the water for a safe and easy way to access Cinder Creek by canoe or kayak.