KICA Annual Reports 2013 - Page 11

11 Year in Review - The Big Picture Playing our Part in the PGA Championship From the start, KICA’s board and staff recognized the importance of the 2012 PGA Championship and its potential impact on the island’s property values. With the eyes of the world on Kiawah, every department was deeply invested in playing its role in assuring the success of the championship. The Security Department had the colossal undertaking of helping to safely and smoothly guide the 30,000 daily championship attendees to and from the island. Security prepared for months, assisting the PGA with traffic, gate access and security logistics. With the help of the Communications Department and its PGA communications plan, special transportation logistics were communicated to members, and notifications were sent to regimes, rental agencies, bike rental companies, contractors and other commercial customers regarding the access restrictions in place during the event. PGA credentials were also mailed to each member. Member Services answered hundreds of calls and tracked and distributed thousands of member and guest gate passes. During the tournament, Communications kept you updated minute by minute on the action on the course through Facebook and Twitter posts and real-time video and photography. The Land, Lakes, Major Repairs and Recreation departments prepared for months to make Kiawah look its best. Extra plantings added color, additional pruning created more beautiful vistas and views, landscape upgrades added to the overall beauty and debris clean-up during PGA week kept roads and leisure trails hazard-free. Major Repairs painted roadway signs, paved roads and repaired boardwalks. The recreation staff spruced up the Sandcastle and grounds and offered exciting programs for visiting members who wanted a break from all the activity. KICA was well prepared for the PGA. The association’s work was often behind-the-scenes, yet Roger Warren, the PGA general chairman and president of the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, recognized that KICA “provided us with the necessary tools to be a successful host for this event.” By the numbers: • 15,000 Gate Passes Distributed • 2,331 Hours Worked Aug. 6-12 by KICA’s 30 Security Staff • 1,624 Hours Worked Aug. 6-12 by KICA’s 32 Maintenance and Landscaping Staff • 600 Commercial Passes: Commercial access was greatly restricted during the PGA, averaging only 85 passes daily