KICA Annual Reports 2013 - Page 10

10 Year in Review - The Big Picture West Beach Revitalization In 2011, KICA took a leadership role in the revitalization of the West Beach community, which was developed over 30 years ago and encompasses 1,087 properties, by launching a West Beach revitalization project. KICA’s objective is to bring new life to the West Beach area, both on our own common property and by generating enthusiasm among members to do the same with their properties. This will make Kiawah’s first neighborhoods more lively, marketable and beautiful, with the long-term goal of enhancing property values in the community, ultimately benefitting all of Kiawah. This multi-phase revitalization will include enhancements of landscape, graphics, lighting and the trail system in the West Beach area, and will strive to simplify the ARB approval process for improvements, not only in West Beach but across the island. KICA completed a large landscape demonstration project to beautify the area, provide an example of native plants that grow well on Kiawah and serve as a catalyst for individual property improvements. The area landscaped by KICA is along Kiawah Beach Drive, from the Kiawah Island Parkway to the Straw Market. This area, along with four key intersections in West Beach, received selective pruning to open views, the removal of diseased trees or invasive species, and the addition of native plants and grasses (view a native plant list at (Inside KICA/Task Forces/West Beach/Demonstration Project). Lastly, the tree canopy was thinned to allow more light to reach the understory so that the new plantings will thrive. In addition to KICA’s work, regimes of Inlet Cove, Cottage Owners and Seascape, all undertook major landscape renovations. The golf resort participated in the West Beach landscaping projects, as a partner to KICA, and added the West Beach Pool Complex. The town completed greenbelt projects on Beachwalker Drive and the Kiawah Island Parkway. KICA recognizes that most improvements to a property, whether to landscap [