Kiawah Island Digest November 2017 - Page 7

7 November 2017 The Sandcastle Closed (Continued From Previous Page) KICA members interested in this option may get a code/pass from the resort's Night Heron Park Nature Center, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. time the pools open until June 30. This membership is expected to cost approximately $275 per family. Additional details will be shared as they become available. 19 Miles of Leisure Trails and 10 Miles of Beach: Island owners and guests routinely say the best part of their experience is walking, running or biking the leisure trails and beach. If it’s been a while since you’ve availed yourself of Kiawah’s natural splendor, perhaps this is a great time to rediscover these valuable community assets. Community Club and Group Meeting Space The Sandcastle Pool With the Town of Kiawah Island officially moved into their new facility, the former Kiawah Municipal Center building at 23 Beachwalker Drive has been renovated and renamed. The building, which houses KICA offices and member meeting space, is now called Beachwalker Center. The pool is now closed, along with the entire facility, parking lot and boardwalk 8A. Boardwalk 8B is open; however, there is no parking available. As construction progresses, KICA will work with its contractor to determine whether a phased reopening of the facilities is possible. With significant work occurring around the entire site, members should expect the possibility that The Sandcastle pool will be closed for the duration of the project. With the closure of The Sandcastle for its renovations, recreation staff, community groups and other events have been or are being relocated (as space allows) to Beachwalker Center. Office hours for recreation staff during this time are 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. For members visiting Beachwalker Center or the temporary fitness facility, KICA suggests ca [[XK\\[\[Z]Y]\H][ۜ˂H\ܝ\YZ[ٙ\Y\\[HPHY[X\ˈ][YHوXX][ۋ]Z[\H[Z[[[^Y ]B\ܝ[ٙ\ [ۛHY[X\\^[HHY[H[ZHY[HXH܈H[][]Hܛ\ ܂]H\]Y\[ۜY\[PHXܙX][ۈ[]\۝XXܙX][ۈY][\PXK\܈ M͎ L K\]H[\[XZ[ [ؚ[HۙH[ܛX][ۈ]PB]X[H\Hۙ\[[[۝]وHYX\]^HBX]Z PHٙ\H\Y]HوY]^HۛXYH\X][ۋ[\H[H^HۛXY]PK۝XPHY[X\\X\Š M͎ NLNM܈Y[X\\X\XK\H\]H[\[ؚ[HۙH[[XZ[Y\^HB\\][ۜ[\^H܈ N[X[YY][’PH\Y[\\][ۜ܈] N[X[YY][ˈB[\H[[Z[\H^H]\ˈ[ܙH]Z[Y[ܛX][ۂ[HX\Y[]\H\Y\وY\ ܈]Y\[ۜ۝X\\XK\˂XˈH  K HY\ܞH[[ۜ\HYK[HH H K HٙXX[]HوXܙ Y\Y[\H]\Y\[[X[YY][\[BXYH[\]K[ NH H[X[YY][X]\HXZ[YBY[X\\ X HPH\[\KX H H K H[XY[KX\ Y^JK  K H[X[YY][ŠHXݙH]\\H[]]H[XX[KY\۝X]ܜ‘[\Y HH[X\[Y\\[XH\[ HH[X\[Y\[[X[ HH[X\[Y\][Y[][ۈ HH[X\[Y\YHY\ HX]\H\ܝ\X]\ HH[X\[Y\YX[ۈX[BY^[ H[][X][ۜ H]܂[[^HXYܞH H[][X][ۜ\X܂X\][H[YX][H[][X]H[ܛX][ۈBY[X\\[H[[Y[ۜX]HX[\][Y[وH]ܚX[XBPH[[X]܈\ܝYۚYX[\[]\[\[ܛX][ۘ[Xܘ[\[][و[\\]›Y[X\ˈPHX^HH[YH[YHX\Y]ܚX[[\ܝY\H\[ۈ][Y[X]Z\[Y\\[ٙXX[[][X][ۜوو]]YXؚX]\ˈY[X\Y\[ۜۈ۝[[HXZ]YH[XZ[[][X][ۜXK\HX]Z\[[][]H\X][ۋ]Z\[ۈ\