Kiawah Island Digest May 2017

May 2017 D I G E S T The Official Publication of the Kiawah Island Community Association KICA to Invest in Improvements at the Sandcastle The KICA Board of Directors recently asked staff to begin work on plans to upgrade the Sandcastle. The Sandcastle facility is the primary amenity available to all KICA members. The 21-year- old community center has received only minor investments over that period, while the number of KICA properties has grown by about 10% and usage data shows an increase in the number of members using the facilities at Sandcastle. what was previously proposed, and the board believes KICA can fund this through a combination of reducing current operating reserves and a minor financing. Since there will be no increase in annual dues, a member vote is not required. The goal is to have the project completed and in service by summer 2018. In 2015, members voted down a $245 increase in annual KICA fees, which was needed to support the financing for a proposed $8.6 million upgrade to the Sandcastle. Although the vote to borrow significantly and invest in a very major upgrade at Sandcastle did not pass, it is clear that this facility requires attention beyond minor investments. KICA's acquisition of the Town Municipal Center building in October 2016 will provide additional meeting space and further flexibility to how the space at the Sandcastle can be used. Therefore, the board has authorized an investment to reinvigorate and improve the Sandcastle. • Bringing the look and feel more in line with Kiawah standards • Operating within the current footprint of the building • Taking better advantage of the ocean views • Maintaining or increasing the space allocation for fitness • Constructing an adult pool (which may be done now or in the future, depending on whether it can be accomplished within the budgetary framework outlined) There will be a community presentation no later than June with the details to date. The level of investment will be less than half of The key components of this investment include: KICA looks forward to sharing the plans when they are available, and are open to input and suggestions from the community. Please send any comments, questions or suggestions about this project to