Kiawah Island Digest May 2017 - Page 11

11 May 2017 Keep Our Turtles Safe: Lights Out May - October Loggerhead sea turtle nesting season is almost here. Nesting activity typically begins in mid-May, and female turtles will continue coming ashore to nest until August. Nests will begin hatching in July and finish by October. During nesting season, it’s important that we do all we can to protect this threatened species from any further perils. To avoid unintentional harm to these beautiful creatures, follow these tips during nesting season: • Flashlights should not be used on the beach at night during nesting season. Do not carry flashlights or play flashlight tag on the beach. • Fill in large holes dug on the beach at the end of the day, as adults and hatchling sea turtles can become trapped in them. • Observe sea turtles quietly from a distance - never disturb a nesting sea turtle or hatchlings. • Do not shine lights on a sea turtle, including cell phones and flash photography. • If your property is visible from the beach, turn out all exterior lights (flood and deck) from dusk to dawn. • If any interior lights are visible from the beach or cast light on the beach, close blinds or drapes at 9 p.m. or turn them off. Help keep Kiawah special and our turtles safe by following these guidelines or sharing them with family, friends and vacation rental guests. Learn more about Kiawah’s Loggerhead population at Onboard with Duane Lapp, Owner of Tidal Trails Since 1997, Tidal Trails has been offering a variety of outdoor 7FfFW2FVRvBFR7W'&VFr6G2FP4&V7&VFFW'FVB6G&7G2vFFFG&2FW@V&W'2BwVW7G2W&Rvg&FRvFW"F&VvWFF"&w&2wVFVBGW&RFW'2B7G'V7FFV"&w&26VFR7&VVB6Vr7FBWFFV&&Fr5UFW'2BW762BFRv6B7W&b666FVBBFR6F67FRFFG&2rWrvW"GVRvV&RƗfrFPW&6G&VRv2BW&FW2'W6W72FB6VFW'02763&G2vFƖfR7V6WG2VR#rGVRW&66VBFR6fVBFWrPFR&&7&VVB2WfW"VB&6vFФGVR'&VvBV'2bWW&V6RVFrFW'2rFPvFW'v2&VBFVB6BR2VFVB7FFW067BwV&B7FW"6FBv&VB26W"vFFPF&V7B6fR2&VVvW&&BvW BfBW"f"fW"CV'2RvVBBW&FV@6֖"'W6W76W2FVBf"fW"FV6FRFFG&27W&b62BW762&Rf&RF&VvW@FRV"bR&VfW"V7W&Vǒ7'V6RR6FVf wVFVB&BFW"bFRv&fW"B7W'&VFrFF7&VV2FV"6f'F&RF&&Bf"&W6W'fF2"&Rf&F6F7BFFG&2@C2scSc"f6BFFG&6v6'F6R6G&'WFVB'FvW7BV&W"fVFVW"6VVVWF66