KI Furniture | Brochures - Page 96

Product Portfolio TABLES - MOBILE FOLDING / CAFETERIA CaféWay Rectangular w/ Benches CaféWay Rectangular w/ Stools CaféWay Racetrack w/ Stools CaféWay Racetrack w/ Wheelchair Access CaféWay also available in round tables w/benches and round tables w/benches and stools CaféWay Round w/ Stools CaféWay Octagonal w/ Stools Uniframe Rectangular w/ Benches Uniframe Round w/ Benches Uniframe Square Uniframe Rectangular w/ Split Benches Uniframe Round w/ Stools Uniframe Rectangular Uniframe Rectangular w/ Stools Uniframe Oval Uniframe Round Uniframe Hexagonal p. 96 | Product Portfolio Uniframe Octagonal Uniframe Convertible Bench