KI Furniture | Brochures - Page 80

Product Portfolio CLASSROOM FURNITURE (continued) Intellect Cantilever Chair Ivy League Series 20 Open Front Desk Learn2 w/ Do- ni Ruckus 4-Leg w/ Casters Ruckus Manual Adj Desk with Glides Intellect Cantilever Desk Ivy League Series 30 Lift Lid Desk Intellect Cantilever Desk Adj Ivy League Series 40 Study Top Desk Learn2 w/ Intellect Wave Ruckus 4-Leg w/ Glides Ruckus Manual Adj Desk with Front Rollers Ivy League Series 10 Chair Ivy League Series 90 Tablet Arm Chair Ivy League Ivy League Series 56 Series 60 Trapezoid Desk Combo Chair Desk Ivy League Series 58 Double Entry Desk Ivy League Series ST Stool Ivy League Series 61 Combo Chair Desk Learn2 w/ Strive Ruckus Ruckus Stack with Casters Stack with Glides Ruckus Ruckus Pneumatic Pneumatic Adj Adj Desk with Desk with Glides Front Rollers Ruckus Task Ruckus Desk with Glides and Bag Hook p. 80 | Product Portfolio Ruckus Stool 30" w/Bookrack Ruckus Desk with Front Rollers Ruckus Stool 24" Ruckus Work Table with Casters and Bag Hook