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Product Portfolio BUILDING BLOCKS Classroom furniture is the foundational building block of a quality learning environment. However, today learning takes place everywhere. Our expertise in the education market can help you support student success in the classroom and beyond. KI offers diverse product solutions that support myriad applications throughout a learning environment. Our comprehensive product portfolio supports successful learning spaces, social spaces, office spaces and more. PORTFOLIO INDEX Complete product information can be found at Online product pages include brochures, images, price lists and more. Classroom Furniture p. 79-81 Seating – Stack Chairs Seating – Nesting Chairs Seating – Guest Chairs Seating – Task Chairs Seating – Task Stools Seating – Café Stools Seating – All-purpose Stools Seating – Folding Chairs Seating – Multiple Seating Seating – Lobby Benches Seating – Lounge Seating – Ottomans p. 81-82 p. 82 p. 82-83 p. 83 p. 84 p. 84 p. 84-85 p. 85 p. 85-86 p. 86 p. 86-89 p. 89 Auditorium / Lecture / Spectator p. 89 Tables – Multi-purpose / Adj Height / Nesting Tables – Powered Tables – Modular Power Tables – Occasional Tables – Mobile Folding / Cafeteria Tables – Folding p. 90-93 p. 93-94 p. 94 p. 94-95 p. 96 p. 97 Casegoods p. 97-98 Benching p. 99 Desking p. 99-100 Panel Systems p. 100 Architectural Walls p. 100 Files and Storage p. 101 Accessories p. 102 Library Furniture p. 102-103 Residence Hall Furniture p. 103 Healthcare Furniture p. 103-104 BEYOND THE PORTFOLIO Customization is a cornerstone of KI. Our innovative product solutions are a direct result of listening to our customers and giving them a distinctive choice. Sometimes providing personalized solutions that meet very specific user needs can demonstrate a true, “best value”. And, designing a personalized solution may enable education facilities to better align themselves with current trends. p. 78 | Product Portfolio