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Office Spaces active design Workplace solutions in support of a healthier workforce. Turn Active Design concepts into actionable and functional plans by applying these nine best practices. 1. Implement daylighting - lower panel heights and select spaces with large and plentiful windows. 2. Create a variety of work spaces - conference and meeting rooms, cafes, lounges, collaborative spaces 3. Encourage face-to-face communications - promote interaction, movement and team building 4. Offer healthy food options - healthy snacks in a central location encourage movement and interaction 5. Encourage movement at work - provide walking paths, promote walking meetings, encourage activity 6. Design flexible, open, multi-use spaces - plan communal spaces for a variety of uses 7. Subconsciously inspire people to take the stairs - intentionally locate visually appealing stairs to promote use 8. Incorporate height adjustable worksurfaces - encourage movement by providing the choice to sit and stand at intervals 9. Allocate outdoor work space - create a refreshing outdoor space with seamless connectivity and reduced glare Grazie task stool, WorkUp adjustable table, Connection Zone pedestal, Aristotle overhead, Lightline wall p. 71 | Office Spaces Connection Zone benching, Avail task chairs, Opt4 stack chairs