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Office Spaces work your style You work many ways, alone, together, on-the-go; doing whatever necessary to be productive. Defining preferred work styles shed valuable light on the environments needed to support your work. FOCUS The FOCUS work style is about the individual. Work is accomplished alone, requiring minimal input from others. There are a variety of ways an individual can communicate a FOCUS work style. 1. Buds In – When the ear buds go in, I create my own work zone. I control the noise around me. Buds are a sign of concentration, people understand not to interrupt. 2. Boxed In – I require privacy to get my work done. I prefer a defined work environment that gives me access to essential tools to do my work. Walls and a door are impor tant elements of my space. 3. Plugged In – I am a transient or mobile worker who has come back to the office. While most of my work can be done on the go, there are times I require an environment where I can plug in, with quick access to resources and coworkers. INTERACTION The INTERACTION work style accommodates those who require a semi-private, but shared environment. While most work is individual in nature, this style requires defined space that spurs conversation among coworkers. Several types of work benefit from the INTERACTION work style. 1. Clock Work – I am on the clock. Someone before or after me may utilize the same space. My space allows me to do my job but is unassigned and task- oriented. I need a touchdown space. 2. Workshop – I need a defined work space that gives me a high level of control but also provides open access to coworkers. There are times when I must really focus and other times when I seek input from those around me. REGENERATIVE The REGENERATIVE work style gets back to basics. It revitalizes creativity, facilitates sharing and generates new and fresh ideas. A REGENERATIVE work style aids employees several ways. 1. Recess – I need to get the creative juices flowing. Doing activities outside of the norm refreshes my perspective. Having fun with my fellow employees allows me to reconnect with them and my work. 2. Hiding In The Open – I am working but not at my traditional work space. I use public or open spaces to set up and work. Changing my environment gives new focus and I concentrate better. New surroundings have a positive effect on my work. IDEATION The IDEATION work style promotes idea sharing and collaboration among individuals. Whether brainstorming or educating, this work style brings ideas and people together. 1. Aquarium – I work openly with a diverse group of coworkers. I learn from them and vice versa; there is transparency to what we do and privacy is a low concern. My environment fosters idea sharing and the free flow of information and communication. 2. Show & Tell - I participate in ongoing education and learning. My peers and superiors serve as fellow students and advisors. We come together, share knowledge and tell stories. p. 70 | Office Spaces