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THE LEARNER’S JOURNEY 2 BOUNDARYLESS LEARNING SPACES INTERSECTING THEMES: - Personalized Learning - Collaborative, Project-Based Learning - Blended Learning LEARNING SPACE PROFILE Students engage in a wide variety of locations, across disciplines, outside of traditional learning hours, and frequently off campuses entirely. Learning spaces will become optimized as interactive environments and project spaces. Students will move in and out of group projects based on how they see their total learning experience evolving. 3 IMMERSIVE VIRTUAL SIMULATION LEARNING INTERSECTING THEMES: - Virtual Worlds - Real-World Simulations - The Internet of Things - Gamification - 3D Printing LEARNING SPACE PROFILE Students will need both physical proximity as well as virtual engagement to immerse in the simulations and interact and debrief about their learning experiences face-to-face. Open and modifiable spaces allow for a seamless blending of virtual objects, real work objects, computer models, and human movement and interaction. 4 FREE-RANGE LEARNING INTERSECTING THEMES: - Personalized Learning - Social and Peer Learning - Competence Marketplaces LEARNING SPACE PROFILE Learning spaces will need to be a featured part of how courses, programs, and more granular experiences are marketed in a highly competitive environment. Institutions will need to expand learning spaces off traditional campus settings and partner with businesses and other organizations that are rich with experiences and can generate additional venues for free-range learners. p. 7