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Café / Dining Source:Lowell Tacker, OCO Architects, SP&M How many people should the cafeteria accommodate? Questions to ask include the number of lunch periods, whether it is a closed or open campus at lunch (for high school) and the core capacity of the school. These factors will determine how many students the dining area needs to accommodate. How many serving lines should you have? This is a function of the number of students that are accommodated during a lunch period, length of lunch period and number of lunch periods. The physical length of the serving line, along with queuing space, will be key factors as well. Oftentimes, there are only 30-minute periods in an elementary lunch, so it is very important to get the kids seated with their meals to maximize their dining time. At the high school level, there may be multiple serving lines that are geared towards a dining court experience. Some offerings may include a soup and salad bar, pizza kitchen, and made-to- order grill and sandwich bar, to name a few. When successful, the food service component of a district can actually be a source of income. Another factor to consider in sizing the cafeteria is the other purposes for which it may be used. Oftentimes, the cafeteria is actually a cafetorium — cafeteria plus auditorium. Some designs use a folding partition between the cafeteria and gym, giving the space the ability to be opened into one large space for school carnivals, graduations or other forms of general assembly. These factors can determine the cafeteria size rather than the amount of students dining there. These options can make the cafeteria more versatile, in regards to school capacity, length of lunch and number of lunch periods — it is all interrelated. SPATIAL RECOMMENDATIONS (based on average chair width of 20" with 5" between chairs) (high capacity - chairs placed at each end of table) Square 30 x 30 Square 36 x 36 Rectangular 30 x 60 Rectangular 30 x 72 Rectangular 30 x 96 Rectangular 36 x 60 Rectangular 36 x 72 Round 30" diameter Round 36" diameter Round 42" diameter Round 48" diameter Round 60" diameter Round 72" diameter Doni wire tower chairs, Athens tables p. 60 | Social Spaces Seats 4 Seats 4 Seats 4 (café) or 6 (high capacity) Seats 4 (café) or 6 (high capacity) Seats 6 (café) or 8 (high capacity) Seats 4-6 (café) or 8 (high capacity) Seats 4-6 (café) or 8 (high capacity) Seats 3 Seats 4 Seats 5 Seats 6 Seats 8 Seats 9