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THE LEARNER’S JOURNEY 4 Learning Space Scenarios That Reflect 13 Dynamic Trends Impacting the Future of Education Emerging trends will change how teacher’s teach, how students learn, how planners plan, and how learning spaces transform. Download or order the Learner’s Journey white paper at The following four scenarios are not predictions, but rather colorful illustrations of what might result when various emerging trends intersect. Each scenario mixes three to five trends together. The result is a focus on what could begin to appear in teaching and learning spaces - physical, virtual, and blended - in the very near future. These scenarios differ from the standard “classrooms of the future” we’ve read about. They pose “what if” visions that can help organizations take actions now and provide insights into adapting to variations on the themes. 1 MAKER CO-LEARNING SPACES INTERSECTING THEMES: - Maker Movement - Social and Peer Learning - Design Thinking - Entrepreneurship LEARNING SPACE PROFILE Design-oriented, maker co-learning spaces are constructed and filled to maximize creativity, interaction, and problem solving. These flexible spaces need to accommodate materials relevant to problems that groups of students are working on. Storage and quick access to a wide variety of materials will also be necessary. p. 6