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Lobby / Lounge Source: Enhancing Student Success Through Principled Space Planning and Interior Design article by KI A commons area historically has served as a place for students to gather for conversations and social activities. Now, when students meet in a commons area they’re likely to bring a laptop, smartphone, and other electronic devices that allow them to socialize and do academic work at the same time. Every project involving space should be considered an opportunity to create a learning-centered environment. As studies and surveys confirm the educational benefits of space design, the findings will provide compelling reasons to move in new directions with the design of physical space supportive of student success. Schools will maximize educational opportunities by considering every square foot on campus as a potential learning space, and exploring ways to connect each area of learning. Sway lounge collection Uncommon Common Spaces KI offers a wide array of products that support innovative environments - furnishings for communal and commonly shared spaces such as lobbies, lounges, and breakout spaces. Mobility and ease of reconfiguration are critical to the success of these areas. Hub modular seating, Plaza chairs, Itoki DD tables Source: Planet Library by William Dittoe, Educational Facilities Consultants, LLC and Kathleen Webb, University of Dayton Impromptu Exchanges It’s been said that a person is a person because of other people. An interdisciplinary approach to education, learning in community creates ripple effects in space design as institutions make the bold leap... to a community of spaces. These are places that are interconnected, related and specifically designed to support learning in community. Also important are the pathways that link the major spaces. KI helps make prudent use of these areas, filling them with soft seating, markerboards, or as out-of-the-way nooks for reflection. Soft seating comfort is important ergonomically, but also creates a positive place of wellbeing. Aesthetics, colors, lighting, and textures also play a key role in common spaces. KI delivers with a range of visually stimulating choices. SPATIAL RECOMMENDATION Lounge chairs 40 sq. ft./seat Properly conceived, they can be places for “socially catalytic” interactions; areas where students and faculty can meet informally or where students can work together on projects; spaces that promote a continuation of learning and impromptu exchanges while offering room for group study or private reflection. MyWay lounge chairs p. 54 | Social Spaces