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Learning Commons / Media Center RESPONDING TO NEW VISIONS New places, often within libraries, are being created to mix students and faculty in spaces with mutual “ownership”. Writing centers, success or learning centers, and learning commons are all developments created in response to the need for interaction, engagement, socialization, and feedback. These can be places for informal interactions or where students can work together on projects. The key to successful planning and design with regard to learning commons and libraries is to apply concepts of flexible and fluid environments that support a variety of interactive and engaging activities while providing the best balance of flexibility and other technical needs. SPATIAL RECOMMENDATIONS Lounge Seating 40 sq. ft. / seat Study Carrels 30 - 40 sq. ft. / workstation (short stay) 50 - 60 sq. ft. / workstation (long stay) Powered Tables 25 sq. ft. / seat Lecture Seating 10 sq. ft. / seat + 100 sq. ft. for presenter Circulation Desk 125 - 150 sq. ft. / workstation Shelving CrossRoads wood and metal shelves have a weight capacity of 75 lbs. / shelf. 20 academic books / shelf 42" high with 3 shelves 54" high with 4 shelves 60" high with 5 shelves 72" high with 6 shelves 82" high with 7 shelves 96" high with 7 shelves 60 books / unit 80 books / unit 100 books / unit 120 books / unit 140 books / unit 140 books / unit Double-faced shelving will have twice the capacity stated above. p. 49 | Social Spaces ni Sela lounge chairs, Strive 4-leg chairs with casters, Connection Zone benching