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Engaging / Presenting Source: Learning Sweet Spot article by KI Classroom and learning space design is never ideal unless it enhances the overall teaching and learning process. As key stakeholders, teachers must be involved in designing and developing learning space to meet student needs and support the style of pedagogy. Pedagogical innovation is beginning to occur and much of it requires space that supports student engagement while encouraging exploration by both teachers and pupils. The biggest “flip” in pedagogy involves the shifting of teachers’ roles from that of instructors to becoming spontaneous facilitators. Simply adding technology into classrooms will not change the dynamics between students and teachers. Neither will it magically improve learning. Instead, technology in (or out of) the classroom must be aligned with the pedagogy. And faculty who are authentically engaged in transformative pedagogy should play a considerable role in helping to develop future classroom designs. Connection Zone screens, Strive nesting chairs p. 42 | Learning Spaces