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Lecture and Auditorium FIXED FLEXIBLE When it’s as flexible as this, can you still call it fixed seating? The trend to collaborative learning spaces extends to larger lecture halls and auditoriums. Fixed-flexible environments combine the right balance of static and dynamic. Collaborative spaces must be technology enabled, flexible and comfortable. ENABLING TECHNOLOGY KI supports technologically advanced learning spaces with optional power/data access and cable management on auditorium (Concerto and Lancaster) and fixed seating (Seminar tables, Sequence seating, and University seating). FLEXIBILITY Whatever configuration fits your needs, there are fixed seating options that can give you the flexibility needed for collaboration and interaction, while stationary bases and seat returns maintain an uncluttered room appearance. COMFORT Improve student (or audience) attention and retention with the superior seating comfort KI is known for. Simple, elegant, ergonomic, KI offers a wide variety of seating styles that strike a balance between forward styling, effective functionality, and budget considerations. Single Pedestal seating, Doni seats SPATIAL RECOMMENDATIONS Angled Row Angled Row Row-To-Row Spacing Note: row spacing may depend on seat styles, tablet arm styles, and other options. 32" - 38" Concerto 32" - 36" Lancaster 34" - 39" Extol 49" - 60" Jury Base seating w/Seminar tables 49" Seminar tables w/loose seating 36-1/4" - 41-3/8" Single Pedestal seating 36" - 44" University seating 33-1/4" - 41" Sequence seating 31" - 43" Sequence HD seating Fan Radiused Riser Height 6" minimum for riser mount Riser Depth Double depth risers are recommended for collaboration. Minimum row-to-row spacing plus any additional clearance. Straight Row Truncated ADA Standards for Assembly Spaces At least 5% (but not less than one) of aisle seats must be armless or have removable or folding arms on the aisle side. 30" x 40" - clear space for wheelchair station 30" wide - minimum knee/toe clearance 27" - minimum height for wheelchair access p. 29 | Learning Spaces pa TYPICAL CONFIGURATIONS