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Technology Integration planning LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY Faculty comfort and confidence in technology (and what it can deliver) are critical and crucial components to optimizing the success of learning spaces. The need for technology-rich learning environments is certain. Transforming the traditional classroom requires that educational instruction driven by technology can be effectively accommodated onsite and online. The key to successful planning and design with regard to technology is providing the best balance of flexibility and other technical needs, which may also lead to select fixed elements. Planning with a line of sight toward H]\H\[\ܝ[]SQSYX[܈HX[\\وY[[Y[ۙY\][ۜ[H]ZY]\[\H[Y[[\X\[H[[[ۋ]Y\[\ݙH]XH[ۘ[][ۋHXH[ۛHH]\][ۙY\ܝ[Y\[XH[XKX\YYYY\[H]\K][YX][H]H[\HY[[X[HX\˂[[[XK\XX\[X\[YH[]HYZ[\]ܜ[LL[XܜˈY\[ۙY\][ۜ›X^HHYYYX[[]HY\[XX[[\˂\]\\ܛ\YY][^HXH]YX[K[B\[Xܘ][ۈ[[\X[ۋX[\ܛ\[[]XH]Y\[\[\X[ۜ˂PUPPX]XXۙY\][ۜYXY[H\BXH[\[H^HYXBH\و\\ۙ[YYY QB\[ݘ]]HۙY\][ۈ[\ݙ\œY[\ ݙ\ZYH[]YX[H\\XKUPSPSQSUSӔ•ܚ\XHYH\\ ͋M\\ M̈ܚ\XHZYKLܚ\XHZY HY\XB M Hܚ\XHZY H[ ]\ܚ\XHZY HY[Z\X\ QBZ[[][H ȈX\[B[\\[Kܚ\X\ܘ^YH\Z\œ X\[X\”ܚ\XH\ L\Y\]X]H܈]ܙY[[ۚ]ܜ