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Learning Spaces Learning Spaces provides information and products specific to: dynamic collaboration, technology integration, lecture/auditorium spaces, conventional classrooms, and engaging/presenting. The focus is on balancing needs and requirements for flexibility, technology, and density with a comprehensive assortment of product solutions. Often, a blending of solutions will best meet the dynamic needs within classrooms. Dynamic Collaboration – p. 16 In active and dynamic spaces, students work together on assignments, share laptops, and become deeply involved with the material they are studying. Conventional Classroom – p. 36 While the current focus is on interactive and engaged learning spaces, there is still a need for some instructor-led time in classrooms. Technology Integration – p. 22 Clearly today’s technology-driven, wired students are learning at the speed of a “click” or “tap”. They expect 24/7 access to study or tackle homework anytime, anywhere. Engaging / Presenting – p. 42 Technology and mobility are key components in providing engagers and presenters the tools they need to engage students. Lecture / Auditorium – p. 28 Fixed and auditorium seating ensure uniformity, neat room appearance, and easy maintenance. p. 14 | Learning Spaces