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REDEFINING LEARNING SPACES INTERACTION AND IDEATION • A centralized meeting area with power and network access allows viewing and discussions around digital media. • Groups can breakout into a more relaxed setting to brainstorm and generate ideas on mobile marker boards. Connection Zone ® Screens Hub ® Modular Seating Grazie ® Stack Chair Backbone ® Media Platform SCALABILITY AND INTERACTION • Accommodate multiple groups and individuals. • Group spaces allow individuals to interact and ideate. • Open lounge areas allow individuals to just relax. Connection Zone ® Screens Hub ® Modular Seating Trellis ® Power Distribution System Pirouette ® Tables Do-ni ® Seating Collection FOCUS AND REGENERATION • Untethered learning, whether on a smart phone, tablet or laptop, empowers students to get a lot done. • Large regenerative area allows students to share with others or just take a break. Do-ni ® Seating Unite ® Panel System Hub ® Lounge Collection p. 10