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Universal Height- Adjustable Screen Your preferred workstyle may change depending upon the project, what’s going on around you or even your mood. Whether you want privacy to focus on a task or the ability to interact with your coworkers, you can control your workspace with the Universal Height-Adjustable Screen. Raise or lower the screen to the desired level of privacy with a simple pull or push. At its full height, the screen provides visual privacy. When fully depressed, the screen virtually disappears to create an inviting, collaborative space. The screens adjust seamlessly and quietly. Screens are made of 100% polyester felt and are available in an array of colors. The felt material offers both a sound dampening and tackable surface. Standard on Toggle, WorkUp, and Pirouette (fixed rectangular or fixed chevron). Specifications Flannel Learn more about KI’s Screens Heather Fawn Dandelion Lava Spring Midnight Blue Printed on FSC ® certified paper, using only vegetable-based inks, including metallics. Please recycle. KI is a trusted expert for furniture and wall systems around the globe. USA | CANADA | MEXICO | UK | EUROPE | ASIA | MIDDLE EAST | AUSTRALIA 1330 Bellevue Street • P.O. Box 8100 • Green Bay, WI 54308-8100 • 1-800-424-2432 • © 2017 Krueger International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Code KI-000015/KI/IP/1017 KI and Furnishing Knowledge are registered trademarks of Krueger International, Inc. W: 22.75”, 28.75”, 34.75”, 45.75”, 57.75”, 69.75” H: 23.25”