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School News Roundup Information Session Held in Guangzhou and Shenzhen 15 and 16 June 2013: Keystone Academy hosted more than 200 parents and children in Guangzhou and Shenzhen to engage in discussions about education. Founding President, Dr. Edward Shanahan, and Head of Primary School, Mary Jew, led the conversations focused on exploring the principles behind a successful education, and the implications of a successful bilingual immersion program. The event was hosted in collaboration with Guangda Bank and China International Capital. Third Education Salon on Preparing Children for Success in a Global Society 9 March 2013: What is the meaning of success? What is the real meaning of education? Founding Director, Dr. Edward Shanahan, addressed these core issues addressed at Keystone’s second education salon. Reflecting on his extensive experience at an educator and parent, Dr. Shanahan listed seven elements to a successful education: Cross-cultural understanding and experience; STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education; independent research; collaboration; communication; willingness to act and effect change; and ethical and moral behavior. 74 The Keystone Magazine