Keystone Magazine - Page 73

Fourth Education Salon Helped Applicants to Stand Out from the Crowd 28 November 2013: Increasing demand from Chinese parents for information on U.S. university admission procedures resulted in this Keystone Education Salon. Led by Rachael Beare, Dean of Admission and Michael Yi, Head of Middle School, the salon provided a wealth of data and information on general U.S. admission processes, qualities and traits U.S. universities seek in their applicants and, most importantly, how to stand out from the crowd. Michael advised parents and students not to focus on learning about universities’ needs, and not to assume the standards that university admission teams deem desirable are universal and stagnant. He quoted a statement from Mr. Robin Mamlet, former Dean of Admission at Stanford, to emphasize his point, “It’s the person, not the place, that makes the difference.” Rachael reiterated this point by stressing that applicants should project their true self, “One thing I can tell you about people who do admission is they know who is authentic, and who is not. And it’s much easier to spot than you think. The things that make us who we are are also things that make us different from everyone else. And the students who have the best applications are able to show the difference.” This is especially significant considering the high level of competition internatio