Keystone Magazine - Page 72

School News Roundup Middle School and Primary School Early Admissions Announced Keystone Academy announced its early admission decisions for its middle and primary schools. Many eager parents and applicants have heard from the Keystone Admission Team now. These early birds together with many more successful applicants will join the Keystone community in September 2014. The Keystone faculty and staff are looking forward to welcoming the students. Dean of Admission, Rachael Beare, said she was excited with the quality of the applications and pleased with the student profile and community that has been forming gradually through 2013 and 2014. In preparation for Keystone’s first academic year, the Curriculum Guides and Community Handbook for both middle and primary schools have been released. The Guides provide detailed information for each subject in each grade. The Community Book is common for the whole school detailing rules of conduct, shared values and principles of the school and more. Fifth Education Salon Introduced Bilingualism 16 January 2014: Bilingual immersion is one of three pillars of the Keystone academic model. The Fifth Education Salon elaborated on its primary elements and its long-term educational benefits. Keystone’s Head of Primary School and an expert in the field of bilingual immersion, Mary Jew, led the session. She elaborated that bilingual education involved, “the processes of teaching instruction and schooling to impart and help acquire general knowledge and develop the power of reasoning and judgment in two languages to a very proficient level.” Dr. Ji-Mei Chang from San Jose University, U.S. was also invited to help prospective parents and applicants understand the benefits of dual-language education. “Cognitive development and critical thinking are deeply intertwined. Without proper cognitive skills, students will drown in the mountains of information at their fingertips because of the kind of access we have today. Relevancy and reliability of information is taught from kindergarten these days – this is critical thinking,” said Dr. Chang. Bilingual education enables students to learn and absorb information in complex ways thus pushing their cognitive development further. This session was an eye-opener to many present and reinforced Keystone’s strong emphasis on bilingual immersion. 70 The Keystone Magazine