Keystone Magazine - Page 67

Think Tech Sean Terwilliger Assistant Director of Information Technology Q: Dong Ai, you worked for a major international school in Beijing for 14 years starting in 1999. What made you decide to join the Keystone team? Sean, you have worked in information technology for 23 years, with the last 16 years at schools such as Deerfield Academy, and Hillside in the U.S. and King’s Academy in Jordan. What made you want to join the Keystone team? A: Dong Ai: Many people have asked me this question. When I joined 14 years ago, this international school was much like Keystone in that it was a new school, and the actual buildings had not even been built yet. But over the past 14 years I have been exposed to many innovative technologies and education principles. I have seen many foreign children positively dev [