Keystone Magazine - Page 66

Interview We Before We Dong Ai Director of Information Technology T his IT duo – Dong Ai and Sean Terwilliger – makes Keystone a truly new-age educational institution. So much so that they do not even want to be called IT guys but TI guys – technology integrators. Ai and Sean want technology to not only be a tool of support but also delivery real leaning outcomes. They are not only working with the best IT companies in the world to make this happen but also say they will be in the classrooms ensuring technological integration. Dong Ai, Director of IT, and Sean, Deputy IT Director, bring years of experience to Keystone working with private companies and international schools. Together they make an invincible TI team, especially for Keystone – a unique educational model. Dong Ai and Sean tell us their technological vision for the school, in this conversation. 64 The Keystone Magazine