Keystone Magazine - Page 61

A n anthropologist by training and passion, Dr. Sally Booth has an eternal curiosity for all things new. You will always find Sally with a notebook and pen, even during a casual lunch. She is able to draw on every conversation and every resource as a source of not only personal enrichment but also professional enlightenment. And for Keystone, this means that Sally eats, breaths and sleeps the curriculum. This passion translates into an energetic and magnetic Curriculum Coordinator – exactly who Keystone needs and wants. Though in her interview she says she is lucky to work with such distinguished educators…it is they who are lucky to have her because she will translate their vision into reality. In her role, Sally ensures that there is a smooth flow in what the students are studying and learning from their foundation years all through high school. In this conversation, Sally tells us more about her role at Keystone and what it means to develop a school’s entire curriculum. Q: You were already working at an interesting and vibrant institute, THINK Global School, before coming to Keystone. Why did you decide to join Keystone, a new school in Beijing, China? A: First, I want to say that I feel truly fortunate to be working with this remarkable team on this exciting project starting up a new kind of school in Beijing. What we are doing at Keystone Academy reflects some of the most important and promising changes in the world of education today. What a privilege to be involved with the implementation of these innovative approaches to curriculum and pedagogy, employing the most effective models in different cultural perspectives, bilingual immersion and inquiry-based learning in a boarding school environment. A couple of years ago, I signed up with THINK Global School, a traveling school, to help start the school and design a