Keystone Magazine - Page 45

Q: Would you please explain what Keystone’s highly selective admission process means for parents and students? A: To be sure, our admission process is demanding. I think that this is appropriate because the admission process should reflect the nature of the school itself. Keystone will be demanding and expect a lot from its students. Because we are a college preparatory school, it is important that our students go through a process that is similar to one they would go through in applying for a university. Also, we want students to have pride in being a Keystone student from the first moment they receive their acceptance letter. They should have this sense that they met the challenge, succeeded and are coming to this extraordinary school to do something with that experience. If our admission process is too easy, then not only are we setting our students up to struggle, but they would be receiving an inaccurate message from us about what it means to be a student at Keystone. Our process will choose students with care and an eye towards being the best possible school – we want all of our students to feel “Keystone will not be a cookie cutter school.” stretched and challenged by the students around them because that is what is going to make them the best students they can be. So parents and students should know that all elements of our application process are designed to help us gain enough information to make a good decision, and ensure that we have a high-quality student body. Finally, the application process is also very focused on helping us to develop relationships with the students and the families. The importance of these relationships should not be undervalued. These relationships will take time to develop, and they carry strong implications on how we will make our final selections and how we will grow as a community. At the