Keystone Magazine - Page 42

Interview T he student community of any school forms its core. It is the personality and power of its students that can make or break a school. And Dean of Admission, Rachael Beare, is here to ensure that Keystone’s students form, concretize and reinforce the school’s core. As a highly accomplished and determined student herself, Rachael knows the Keystone student profile. She stresses, “I believe very strongly that the education we provide our students will be better if we can create an environment that appreciates the different talents students possess, and the ways that they express their talents. Our process will allow individuals to emerge in different ways, and allow us to observe and select candidates for the uniqueness they bring into the community.” Rachael has been building this student community with entrepreneurial precision and an educator’s eloquence – two qualities that make her the ideal custodian of Keystone’s student body. In this interview, she talks about the admission process and what is signifies to parents and students. Q: You have worked for several leading U.S. boarding schools, including Deerfield Academy, The Loomis Chaffee, The Hotchkiss School, and Lakeside, a prestigious day school. What made you decide to come to Beijing and join the Keystone team? A: I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to work at some truly fabulous schools. One of the things I gained from these experiences is the opportunity to see many different paths to excellence – each school sets its own tone and creates its own example of what it means to be a great school. 40 The Keystone Magazine Keystone, in part, appeals to my commitment to education and to my entrepreneurial nature – something that I get from my family. My father was the Head of a boarding school in Jamaica, which is where I started primary school. But he eventually went on to start a Jamaican bakery business with my mother when we migrated to the United States. As someone who is passionate about education, Keystone is an opportunity for me to take the knowledge that I have gained from some wonderful schools and do something meaningful with it. This is exactly what we hope our students will have the ability to do – to take the knowledge they gain at Keystone and do something that is both meaningful to them, and helpful to others.