Keystone Magazine - Page 39

Q: We understand that the boarding program provides a good opportunity for students to learn how to become independent and care for oneself. Can you please explain how the program can also cultivate a student’s leadership abilities? What are some specific examples of how these skills can be practiced? A: Leadership development happens across all age groups and divisions. It will be different depending on student maturity. Primary students starting in grade 3 will begin their formal leadership development process, but right from the start, even our youngest students will be learning ways to lead and serve others. In the middle and high schools we want our students to feel they have a say and a voice in what their school looks like. What are the important aspects of school life? There will be a number of opportunities where students can choose to be involved in something that they already are passionate about or in a new area of interest. Our club life will be a rich and diverse aspect of community life. Clubs will focus on students’ interests and will involve faculty supervision. Another big area of leadership training is community service learning, where students will not only be a part of the learning that takes part in classroom, but outside of the classroom in service to