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Interview Keystone’s Cheerleader Wendy Bradley Dean of Student Life Q: You have lived, studied and worked at boarding schools for most of your life. Before coming to Keystone as Dean of Student Life you were a founding member of a boarding school in Jordan. What is it about boarding schools that has maintained your interest for so long? A: I grew up in a boarding school. My parents were both teachers. I think that I had a charmed childhood. My dad was the Athletics Director, so I had keys to everything. I had access, with my dad’s permission, to the swimming pool and to the gym, to most everything. That is probably how I became a tomboy. 32 The Keystone Magazine Boarding schools are always changing, vibrant communities. Students, and how they develop and change, are the driving force of schools. My interest in boarding schools stems from working with students, which in my experience thus far has been with middle school through high school, and watching them grow as people. I also enjoy having the opportunity to work with colleagues from all over the world who are not only knowledgeable about their subject areas, but also about life and child and adolescent development. Schools are always changing. The days are never the same. I could not see myself working at a job where I had to go to the office every day and do the same thing. I want to be in an environment where I am surrounded by engaging, caring and thoughtful people.