Keystone Magazine - Page 31

Q: Competition between schools to attract the best teachers is fierce. Can you explain what Keystone offers to attract the best teachers? A: Malcolm McKenzie and I represented Keystone at a teacher fair in Bangkok in December 2013 and I was struck by the number of teachers that approached us with interest. Teachers were attracted to the quality and commitment of the Keystone Leadership Team. The governance structure of the school, which allows for decisions to be made based on educational considerations, the commitment to long-term thinking, and the fact that the Leadership Team members have signed extended contracts. The excellent facilities and student body are also a strong draw. Additionally, the idea of bringing different traditions together is unique both for international and local Chinese teachers. International teachers have said “This is exactly what I have been looking for.” Local teachers have said, “I’ve been interested in exploring multiple pedagogies or looking outward into the world.” We will retain excellent teachers over time if they are invested in what the project represents. We will let teachers do their work creatively within this framework and pay them well to do it. Keystone is a place where people will want to come and stay because they are fulfilled professionally. residential community that will be very attractive to teachers. I worked at a day school for 10 years, but moved back to boarding schools in part because they are wonderful places to work, and wonderful places to raise kids. When I was a child, I remember runni