Keystone Magazine - Page 3

INSIDE 2 Letter from the Head of School 4 Editor’s Note: Transforming Education 6 INTERVIEWS Heart and Soul of Keystone: Malcolm McKenzie 14 A Life Immersed in Bilingual Education: Mary Jew 20 I am an IB person: Gillian Ashworth 26 Teacher’s Mentor, Guardian of Keystone: David Beare 32 Keystone’s Cheerleader: Wendy Bradley 40 Custodian of the Core: Rachael Beare 46 Keystone’s Energy Beacon: Gary Bradshaw 52 Practicing the Chinese Way: Min Dai 58 Weaving Keystone into a Whole: Sally Booth 64 We Think before We Tech: Dong Ai & Sean Terwilliger 70 School News Roundup 76 Mosaic