Keystone Magazine - Page 19

pick up bad habits from the adults. Instead, we will ask parents to guide them through their language learning. If the students are learning about volcanos, then we will expect parents to use Chinese to talk to them about volcanos. Parents can better guide their child by telling them where they can go to do research, and ensuring they are doing the research in English. Students can also learn English outside of school time by watching good English programs, listening to CDs, and communicating with friends who are native English speakers. I know from personal experiences, and brain research confirms this, that kids are capable of learning many languages to a full degree if they are given the opportunity. Generally speaking, before the age of 10, children can obtain native like fluency. After the age of 10, especially when a child speaks, people will know that the child is not native tongue because by then our muscles become stiffer. Since we are only teaching two languages in the primary school our students will be more than capable. Q: Will Keystone provide language supports for students whose English language s